Financial Management Software
Senior UX/UI Designer
Web Responsive, Mobile Application
Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, I can’t show the bulk of my work that I did at Codal, so for now, you’ll just have to trust that I actually did quite a lot during the ~4.5 years I worked there. I was a senior UX/UI designer on the Design team, and had the opportunity to work for a client in the financial services industry. We were tasked with creating a customer communication platform for both their internal financial advisory team and their clients. Here are some brief notes about the work I did during this time —
The Process
  • Collaborated with the PM, Design, and Engineering teams in creating a centralized communication platform between financial advisors and their clients through a mobile application and web portal.
  • Operated within a 2 week design sprint schedule where we conducted detailed requirements gathering meeting with the client, created and reviewed the initial wireframes and final UI comps both internally and for client sign-off.
  • Built a design system that documented updated styling and a flexible component library that used throughout the platform.
  • Worked with our engineering team and conducted design QA sessions reviewing the developed pages and ensuring they met best UX practices. Below is a sample set of screens that I'm able to give a quick preview of!
Internal Jobs
  • Designed a dashboard view for clients that would allow them to view the firms specific news content.
  • Crafted a calendar view for both advisors and clients where they can view their scheduled meetings. The clients have additional functionality where they can also schedule a meeting with their financial advisory team.
  • Designed a document management system where advisors and clients can store, manage, and download onboarding documents, operating agreements, fee schedules, etc.