Brand exploration of an art gallery


When Unbound Art approached me, they had an idea and a name. They wanted to create an art gallery that is dedicated to introducing works by Asian artists, particularly with ties to China.

I was tasked with crafting a completely new brand identity as well as creating collateral for their first collaboration with a Chinese watercolor painter. My goal throughout this process was to build something simple, modern, and importantly...flexible. This would allow Unbound Art to use assets for different formats and collaborations with different artists.

Origin of a name

Unbound Art was founded under an idea that art is not bound by where an artist is located but how their their thoughts and feelings are translated into their work. By collaborating with such diverse works, they are able to unite and cross many cultures and at the same time convey classic feelings in a contemporary context, bridging the past with the present.

After discussing and learning more about the origins of Unbound Art, I wanted to evoke those feelings of freedom and preservation of culture in to a logo that would work with multiple mediums.

Bold, Clean, Simple

A simple clean color scheme that conveys an asian aesthetic while being flexible enough to work with the artist’s work and other mediums.

Typography System

I decided to use a bold geometric san-serif with a traditional readable serif. The combitionation of both tyes on collateral conveys both a modern and classic style.

Creating Collateral

After finalizing the overall brand identity, Unbound Art needed me to create collateral, which involved business cards, flyers, and a mailing postcard. The latter two were to be designed for a Chinese watercolor painter who’s work was to be featured in the gallery space.

Final Business Cards

The image on the back of the business card was made by a watercolor painter. Her work was exhibited at Unbound Art and she allowed us to use one of her paintings in the gallery’s business cards.

Flyer Designs

Various flyer designs for an exhibition featuring a Chinese watercolor painter.

Final Postcard Design

Final postcard design that was stationed within the exhibition space for visitors to take.