How do you help
an annual tech conference become more engaging?

  • Role

    Visual Designer

  • Deliverables

    High Fidelity Mockups

  • Tools

    Sketch | Illustrator | Photoshop

The Back Story

01 - The challenge

Techweek hosts a 7-day series of events with a technology conference and expo to bring together a mixture of entrepreneurs, visionaries, and thought leaders. This weeklong celebration of tech and innovation brings the local community together and shines a global spotlight on the exciting developments in that community.

Through a very collaborative effort, my team and I helped the Chicago-based company by redesigning and rebranding its web platform with an emphasis on creating a delightful user experience combined with great visual design.

The Challenge

02 - Simplifying the experience

During the initial client meeting, the marketing team at Techweek provided us with feedback regarding their existing site and identified that the platform needed a visual redesign and an elevated path to view event information. Through this feedback, my team and I sought to support their higher goals of making their web platform more thoughfully engaging in a manner that leverages their use of great photography, pairing it with beautiful interactive design, and streamlining the user flow in a way that delights and promotes Techweek's conference events.

Brand Identity

03 - Establishing digital
styles and standards

There was a strong focus in developing the design direction for Techweek. A major priority that I set was defining a design language that exhibited a festive and engaging quality that would also translate well on the web. Once my team aligned goals, we performed an indepth competitive analysis on other technology conference websites in order to better understand commonalities and features that worked well and possibly implement in my designs.

Through this comprehensive exploration, it was important to establish a feature that would align with the site’s content hierarchy and information architecture. Secondly the site was to be build within a responsive framework to accomodate for new devices and a variety of form factors.

The Moodboard

After developing a competitive analysis on different online learning platforms, I created a moodboard consisting of those sites in order to gather inspiration. One of the sites that helped define the overall brand was Apple's WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conferece) and Circles Conference website. They displayed a very clean aesthetic while utilizing strong photography combined with a festive/bold color scheme.

Final Style Tile

After mood boarding, I created various style tiles with distinct aesthetics which resulted in the final style tile. The final style consists of elements from previous iterations.

The Web Platform

04 - New and Improved

Techweek Homepage

Landing Page

Techweek's original landing page is fairly content heavy, so I wanted to make the redesigned version very minimal but still contain the most important information, which are the days the conference is starting, the location and to purchase a ticket. Clicking on conference details or learn more takes the user into the world of Techweek. If users already know they want to attend the conference, I made an option where they can choose to reserve their spot and purchase tickets.

Techweek Navigation

Venue Page

The venue page informs the user where the conference will be held in the area within the city. I wanted to have this page be very photo heavy in order to enage viewers as well as to exhibit a fun, festive aesthetic.

Techweek Schedule

Schedule Page

The schedule page showcases all the events that a Techweek conference offers. Selecting the tab below the hero image allows users to choose which day's events they would like to see.

Techweek Event

Event Page

This page showcases the main events that every Techweek conference offers and users can either learn more about the event or have the option to attend. Because this page was not made prevalent in the previous Techweek website, I made it a point to put more focus on these main event by dedicating an entire page to it.

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