Rebranding a technology conference


Techweek is a technoglogy conference and media company in 8 cities, with week-long conferences throughout the year. The company partners with tech leaders and corporations to build a unique experience for investors, entrepreneurs, and startup companies.

I worked as the User Interface designer in collaboration with two other UI designers along with my project director. We were tasked with rebranding the Techweek web platform with an emphasis on creating a delightful user experience combined with great visual design.

My Approach

The Techweek marketing team provided us with feedback regarding their existing site and identified that the platform needed a visual redesign and a simplified experience when searching for event information.

Through this feedback, my team and I sought to support their higher goals of making their web platform more thoughfully engaging in a manner that leverages their use of great photography, pairing it with beautiful interactive design, and streamlining the user flow in a way that delights and promotes Techweek's conference events.

Brand Refresh

The hurdle with a brand that wanted to exhibit a festive personality was trying to take a step back and not have the brand appear childish or loud. I countered this obstacle by focusing on creating a new logo that used geometric shapes and positioning them to appear as pixels and pairing the illustration with a vibrant color palette. The concept centers around the surrounding pixels which gives off the feeling of tech while also making it approaching and fun.

Typography System

Readability was a big factor as the people that would be visiting Techweek's site would consist of a variety of different ages. I decided to use both a san-serif and serif font to give off a modern but classic feel.

The Outcome

Our first step was to define the Techweek brand, which we approached by using the brand’s use of photography. First and formost, Techweek exists to support their existing clientele who use their platform to find upcoming conference events hosted in their location. So a major priority that I set was defining the visual design that exhibited a festive and engaging quality and would also translate well on the web.

Home Page

This page showcases the main events that every Techweek conference offers and users can either learn more about the event or have the option to attend. Because this page was not made prevalent in the previous techweek website, I made it a point to put more focus on these main events by dedicating an entire to it.

Creating a Visual Framework

I wanted to focus on using the organizations great collection of photographs and have them near a body of text. I decided to use black and white for the versatility and because I was using a bold color scheme, I didn't want the accompanying imagery to be a distraction to the most important information. Overall the biggest task that I faced was placement of information and what information needed to be on the page. After a great amount of iteration with the marketing team the screens below are the finalized versions of my designs.