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    Visual Designer

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    High Fidelity Mockups

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    Sketch | Illustrator | Photoshop

The Back Story

01 - What is LocalGuide?

LocalGuide is a mobile travel application that provides information and recommendations regarding an area that a user is in or will be traveling to.

LocalGuide started off as a user centered design project. I was given a set of user interviews that depicted a variety of traveler types. The goal of this project was to create a mobile application that is tailored to the user's needs.

The Challenge

02 - Creating unique experiences

I started by doing domain research in order to familarize myself with the existing travel related mobile application industy. A key finding that I discovered is that there has been an increase of travelers who not only want to visit tourist attractions, but also want to create their own unique experience, whether it be for individuals traveling or when traveling with friends and family. Everyone has their own particular wants and needs, and they should not be generalized into one single traveler category.

The Approach

03 - Developing the user persona

After reading and analyzing a provided transcript of interviews on eight different types of travelers, I created two user personas in order to find our target audience. Kelly being a business woman who frequently travels and wants to find out what is immediatly near her and would fit in between her daily meetings and Adam is a father who wants to take his family of four on a short vacation while staying on a tight budget.

Kelly Williams

"I frequently travel for business meetings, but sometimes
I need to find enough time to enjoy new areas"

Adam Jenkins

"I often end up staying around my hotel, so I often search for places that are cheap and affordable"


04 - Laying the foundation

Through the previous research findings, I came up with three central design principles. Timeframe and cost should at the center of the design. The design should be easily understood by users without ambiguity. The aesthetics should be inviting and inspire adventures.

Brand Identity

05 - Developing the
visual direction

Because I was designing for users that want to know nearby attraction when visiting new areas, I focused primarily on having information clearly visible so I used a bold color scheme that indicated which areas were most important. I also wanted to incorporate playful illustrations as well as using photography that conveyed the essence of the city in order to engage users.

The Moodboard

After developing a competitive analysis on various city guide mobile apps, I created a moodboard consisting of those app designs in order to gather inspiration.

Final Style Tile

After mood boarding, I created various style tiles with distinct aesthetics which resulted in the final style tile. The final style consists of elements from previous iterations.

The Mobile Application

06 - Final UI screens

LocalGuide Screens
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