How do you connect users to experienced coaches and mentors?

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The Back Story

01 - The challenge

Kenshotree is a membership based coaching and mentoring startup located in Chicago, IL. The Kenshotree Coaching Marketplace strives to be a safe, efficient, affordable way to match coaches with people seeking training in leadership, management, and wellbeing.

Through a very collaborative effort, my team and I helped the client by redesigning and rebranding its web platform with an emphasis on simplifying the experience when searching for a coach as well as developing a clean, minimal visual design.

The Challenge

02 - Simplifying the experience

During the initial meeting, the client at Kenshotree provided us with feedback regarding their existing site and identified that the platform needed a visual redesign and the leading problem that we identified was that the process of matching of coaches and clients was not a user-friendly experience. My task was to design the user interface based on the wireframes provided by the UX team, in addition to creating a welcoming and informative landing page. Through my design process, I was able to create professional, engaging, and friendly designs to ensure the process of matching clients to coaches is smooth and efficient for every individual.

Brand Identity

03 - Style exploration

A major priority that I set was defining a design language that exhibited a professional aesthetic but would still exibit friendly qualities. Once my team aligned goals, we performed an indepth competitive analysis on other coaching, lifestyle websites in order to better understand commonalities and features that worked well and possibly implement in my designs.

Some insights that I discovered was that too much text on one page could overwhelm users, so utilizing white space would be extremely important. The use of too many bright colors would stray too far away from professionalism and appear childish. Finally, I focused on using a layout that supports the grid system to keep consistency throughout my designs.

The Moodboard

After developing a competitive analysis on various coaching lifestyle websites, I created a moodboard consisting of those designs in order to gather inspiration.

Final Style Tile

Gathering inspiration and keeping in mind the insights that I found from the competitive analysis data, I began to create a style tile for the clients review.

The Web Platform

04 - New and Improved

Kenshotree Homepage

Landing Page

The landing page serves to introduce Kenshotree to users and also showcase their offerings. I exhibited the clear use of white space in order to avoid having too much content be displayed. I also used the main color (orange) very sparingly in order to signify the areas that were most important. This was done in order for the site to still convey professional qualities and not appear too childish with the overuse of color.

Kenshotree Input Field #1

Form Field 01

The first form field is asking users to input their basic starting information: username, email, password. Using this three column layout allows this page to easily transition into a mobile view.

Kenshotree Input Field #2

Form Field 02

The second form field is asking users to input their personal information: their full name, date of birth, job title, and the industry that they work in.

Kenshotree Input Field #3

Form Field 03

The third form field is a questionnaire that is asking what type of coaching a user is searching for. Completing this section allows Kenshotree to find and pair compatitable coaching results to users.

Kenshotree Input Field #4

Form Field 04

I incorporated this review section because fter user testing previous iterations, users wished they had an option to go back and make any edits to their answers before finally submitting.

Kenshotree Coach List

Coach List Page

After filling out the form fields, the next screen will gather and compile that information and generate a list of coaches that fulfill your requirements. The layout follows a four column grid and hovering over the coach's image brings up their name, industry, and a brief introduction. Clicking on view profile brings the user to their profile page.

Kenshotree Coach List

Filter Navigation

Selecting "refine your search" brings up a filter navigation where user's can further input information to find their desired coach. Users can adjust the price, experience, industy etc.

Kenshotree Coach Profile

Coach Profile Page

The profile page showcases the coach's information. From viewing their resume, their skill set, further deatils listing their industry background and price, to even viewing reviews from past clients. Users will be able to "connect" with a coach and have the option to send them an email to discuss further inquires.

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